Review: Cmn ineed yr hlp – ‘It Came Without Warning, As Most Disasters Do’

July 31, 2013 · Posted by Kirsten
Review: Cmn ineed yr hlp – ‘It Came Without Warning, As Most Disasters Do’



This isn’t the first time Cmn ineed yr hlp have dabbled in concept albums. Their dark 2010 release The Curse of B’zhang reads like a grown-up comic book, following a protagonist who, as they state, “is tasked with the challenge of battling the darkness that threatens to swallow the very essence of his existence.” Although it seems slightly pretentious, their debut was a dense and a strong local prog release.

Their sophomore release It Came Without Warning, As Most Disasters Do tells the story of a peaceful sea monster who is captured by humans and eventually decides to escape without regard for the destruction he may cause. The LP sees the trio pushing away from their more purely prog roots.  Here, their sound has grossly expanded, building their a prog rock basis with giant waves of dynamics, which are then further extenuated by incorporating math rock elements. Their rhythmically-driven riffs toy at time signatures like their giant sea monster mercilessly plays with his human captors.

If the words “prog” and “math rock” already feel alienating (as they often do to those who are not regular listeners of such genres), then attempting to digest that  It Came Without Warning is also a concept album might feel absurd. Despite the fact that this saga seems like it was dreamt up by an action-obsessed pre-pubescent, the album narrates the tale without force-feeding. Instead, it functions as a rock composition, providing the backdrop and leaving room for imagination.

Stream It Came Without Warning, As Most Disasters Do in its entirety below.