Twin Peaks, Landmarks, Modern Vices @ Metro

January 20, 2015 · Posted by Jessi Roti
Twin Peaks, Landmarks, Modern Vices @ Metro

Tomorrow Never Knows Festival wrapped up it’s five day stint Sunday night with a raucous night at the Metro. Local heroes Twin Peaks headlined, with support from other notable Chicago acts The Liqs, Modern Vices, and Landmarks.

Droves of family, friends, and fans filled both floors of the iconic venue, the high-energy inescapable. The Liqs took the stage at 6:30 pm, revving up the soon-to-be riotous Team Peaks crowd. Their brand of unapologetic, grunge-tinged punk included whiplash-inducing head-banging and some serious rolling around on the floor.

One of our picks for “Best Local Releases,” Modern Vices took the stage next. Frontman Alex Rebek’s voice soared over the band’s sonically-tight delivery. The band worked the stage like seasoned vets, their sound coming alive in a new way. Everyone in the audience seemed to hang onto every drop of their “dirty doo-wop.”

Landmarks, another one of our favorites of 2014, began their set at 8 pm. Dreamy, languid guitar filled the Metro as the band’s set gave a nice break from the rough and tumble outbreak caused by The Liqs and Modern Vices. Landmarks fit in just fine, however, their jams coming across much heavier live than on record.

After Landmarks’ refresher course, the crowd was ready to roar again. A chant of “Twin Peaks” echoed throughout the Metro as the lights went off and the guys took the stage. Complete with an accompanying keyboardist, the band opened with their now-classic, “Stand in the Sand.” Drummer Connor Brodner counted off as guitarists Cadien James and Clay Frankel ripped in on the track’s opening licks.

There’s no denying Twin Peaks’ infectious throwback to rock’s glory days. While the songs are great; “Strawberry Smoothie” and “Making Breakfast” from 2014’s Wild Onion were immediate show-stoppers, while favorites like “Baby Blue” and “Irene” from the band’s debut Sunken call for some of the best crowd sing-a-longs I’ve ever witnessed, it’s the band’s energy and unwavering joy that define a Twin Peaks show.

From beginning to end, it was evident that the members of Twin Peaks didn’t want to be anywhere else but on stage. It would be impossible to have as dedicated of a fan base as they do by merely showing up and plugging in. It’s a performance, but it’s truly genuine, and you’d be surprised by what a difference that makes.

As the crowd filtered out into the street around 10 pm, band members were around taking pictures, sharing hugs, and thanking everyone for being a part of their incredible evening. After four days of music across five venues, featuring both local and national artists, this celebration of the bright future of Chicago’s music scene was a sight to behold.

Photos below by Kirsten Onsgard; front page photo by Derrick Alexander. See the rest of our photos from Tomorrow Never Knows by Derrick Alexander.