Single Premiere: “Bursting at the Seams” – Axons + Miss Chiff

June 11, 2015 · Posted by Jessi Roti
Single Premiere: “Bursting at the Seams” – Axons + Miss Chiff

When electronic-minimalist Adele Nicholas released Unmanageable under Axons back in January, Local Loop saw Nicholas’ approach to dance music as “masterful subtlety” saying, “where Top 40 musicians might rely on hooks as a crutch, Nicholas’ take is more apt to lean back into itself; and when the melody bursts, it’s all more explosive.”

Well, her producing style is no different. “Bursting at the Seams” (Impossible Colors), a collaboration between Nicholas and her upcoming tour partner, Chicago singer/MC Miss Chiff is a declaration of confidence and the power of dream-chasing pounding against a loop of ethereal, dance-pop.

Nicholas, as with Axons’ previous releases, is careful to never overpower the vocals -as if overpowering Miss Chiff’s soulful vocals and powerful rhymes was even possible. The wave of keys dances between classic piano and synth-drench nu-wave, rushing over a wall of beats before dissolving back into itself, rather than crashing into an expected, Top 40 bass-drop.

Miss Chiff’s rap replaces the need for a bigger sound, her delivery and tempo change re-igniting “Bursting at the Seams,” taking it from a minimalist pop tune to club-banger territory. But in true Axons’ fashion, Nicholas lets the track breathe and just slightly bubble-over before it can explode and build itself up again, letting a singular beat drive the track home.

You can catch Axons and Miss Chiff together starting 6/17 in Nashville! Check out other tour dates below:

6/17: East End / Nashville

6/19: Union / Atlanta

6/20: Magnolia Bar / Louisville

6/21: Buccaneer / Memphis

6/22: Dragon Den / New Orleans

6/23: Nick Bar / Birmingham