Beat Drun Juel – ‘Suppressor’

July 22, 2016 · Posted by Jessi Roti
Beat Drun Juel – ‘Suppressor’

Beat Drun Juel is one of Chicago’s best hard rock bands, if not the best.  The trio’s debut EP, Off Your Face was a haunting collection of meandering riffs and rumbling bass before singer Pasty Face’s knockout growl crashed against the busiest of drum cymbals.

Suppressor picks up where Off Your Face left off and takes it to the dark side. The title track’s introduction foreshadows the sinister and sacrificial narrative that permeates the entire release before tearing into the remarkably ravaging “Die Unknown,” in which Pasty Face’s, a.k.a. Donna Polydoros, blood-curdling vocal is beautiful both in his desperation and raw delivery.

Those vocals are at the crux of what makes Beat Drun Juel’s Suppressor so powerful. It’s rock and roll with fearlessly ugly, cabaret undertones, an almost nightmarish theatricality stringing it all together. If the vocals weren’t enough to convey such feelings of betrayal and unbridled desire, the music itself is so relentlessly pummeling, it all but fully engulfs you in Beat Drun Juel’s twisted, alternative wonderland.

On the other side of the wonderland that is Suppressor though, is an intensity that’s almost cathartic. “+ (Plus Sign)” and “Let It Out” allow for the band to sweat out any doubt while Polydoros’ voice takes on a guttural roar that sounds as if she’s exorcising demons, both literally and figuratively.

The rage and overwhelming-yet-electric gloom Beat Drun Juel has cultivated on Suppressor is a direct translation of the band’s live show. A wilder, heavier monster of of explosive and completely unhinged post-punk guaranteed to be stuck in your head and leave your ears ringing for hours, maybe even days.

Let it enfold you.

You can see Beat Drun Juel live @ the Double Door on Sunday, July 24th for Fuck Fest! It’s free and also billed as Suppressor’s release show. Don’t miss it.