Video Premiere: V.V. Lightbody — “Gaze”

April 27, 2017 · Posted by Jessi Roti
Video Premiere: V.V. Lightbody — “Gaze”

Vivian McConnell of local indie-pop outfit Santah and garage-influenced Grandkids has struck-out on her own with V.V. Lightbody, her beautifully evocative solo project.

“Gaze,” her latest single and video, comes hot on the heels of a stellar Sofar Sounds set and follows previously released songs “Fish in Fives” and “Shiptalker.” Her poignant “nap rock” captures femininity, gentility and your attention.

“I wrote ‘Gaze’ in an attempt to write a ‘perfect’ long-distance love song without being too gushy,” says McConnell. “It references a character who is enamored and surrounded by the sea and their lover who is, in that moment, far from that.

The song is like a snapshot of an ocean/beach scene. ‘Gaze’ is supposed to feel like you are submerged underwater, rocking in the waves, or even just looking romantically out to sea. Maybe you’re just on a boat wearing a nice hat- it’s whatever makes you feel soothed.”

Check out the video for “Gaze” below and keep an eye out for V.V. Lightbody’s debut LP “Bathing Peach,” out later this year.

You can also see her live Friday at the Hideout, opening for Greg Uhlmann and Brokeback at 9 p.m.